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      "My husband, yes," said Anna, so quietly that the sister and stepmother exulted in her. As quietly her eyes held the doctor's, and his hers, while the colour mounted to her brow. He spoke:

      Hush, you simpletons! said Doris well-known tones, do you take me for a thief who has lifted the door off its hinges or dug his way through under the wall?

      "Captain Mandeville," exclaimed Victorine, "us, you don't need to tell us some white lies."

      I salute you, Glaucus! added Thyamis, pointing to the ladder: The way is open. You and your wife are free!

      "No use," chanted Madame with enjoyment; "the other one is not coming."The ladies stood up to see. An unseen locomotive whistled for a brief stop. The dust-cloud drew nearer. The engine whistled to start again, and they could hear its bell and quickening puff. But the dust-cloud came on and on, and all at once the whole six-gun battery--six horses to each piece and six to each caisson--captain, buglers, guidon, lieutenants, sergeants and drivers in the saddle, cannoneers on the chests--swept at full trot, thumping, swaying, and rebounding, up the highway and off it, and, forming sections, swung out upon the field in double column, while the roaring train rolled by it and slowed up to the little frame box of Buerthe's Station with passengers cheering from every window.


      Kincaid spoke: "Would you have me pass you by with my good news to go first to her with the bad?"


      Hold! In the name of the gods, hold!