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      Orator. We pray leave to proceed with our answer, and talk about the land afterwards."But my dear, I can't keep my mind on butter!" he protested.

      [174] Report of a Consultation of Sea Officers belonging to the Squadron under Command of Sir Hovenden Walker, Kt., 25 August, 1711. Signed by Walker and eight others.[11] Dongan to Denonville, 22 May, 1686, in N. Y. Col. Docs., III. 455.

      And join me in celestial joys.

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      This he well knew; but he was powerless. He had his small force of regulars well in hand; but the rest, red and white, were beyond control, scattering through the woods and swamps, shouting, yelling, and firing from behind trees. The regulars advanced with intrepidity towards the camp where the trees were thin, deployed, and fired by platoons, till Captain Eyre, who commanded the artillery, opened on them with grape, broke their ranks, and compelled them to take to cover. The fusillade was now general on both sides, and soon grew furious. "Perhaps," Seth Pomeroy wrote to his wife, two days after, "the 306

      The haughty Lady Blanche says to the footman, `Stop your chattering,


      College is the biggest, most bewildering place--I get lost whenever[341] A Brief View of the Conduct of Pennsylvania for the year 1755.


      She heard the young man apologizing for his appearance. "I never expected to..."


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