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      I am not at all tired, said Esmeralda. Why should I be?

      Is the bank closed? he asked in a voice rendered dry and husky by the clouds of dust through which hed passed like the Spirit of Life or Death, by the terrible exertion crowded into those few short hours.It is the truth, said Trafford. I have seen them heretogether.

      So different? he echoed, invitingly. Something of the charm of her freshness attracted him, as it attracted all who came in contact with her. He looked at her more attentively, and began to realize how beautiful she was, and how girlish and unsophisticated. He did not read the society papers, and had heard nothing, knew nothing about her, beyond the knowledge which Lord Selvaines introductory words conveyed.She is just a girl, she said to Lady Lilias.

      Varley nodded, and a faint smile played about his lips. The men they were going to checkmate were within a few yards of them, divided from them only by the road that spanned the Gulch. They could hear a voice, husky and low, giving orders, a few muttered responses, then all was still again."You little artist," thought Flora.

      "Oh, but there are women of whom no man can ever deserve that!" There his manner was all at once so personal that she dared not be silent, but fell to generalizing, with many a stammer, that a woman ought to be very slow to give her trust if, once giving it, she would not rather die than doubt.

      I beg your pardon. Since I left Three Star Camp, of course, I hadnt heard of you. How should I?Yes, said Norman, hurriedly. I ought not to have come. Please forgive me, Miss Chetwynde.


      Now, Trafford would have liked to have remained, and, indeed, have settled, at Three Star; for the greatest happiness of his life had come to him there, and it was there that he learned what Esmeraldas love meant. And again he became almost as popular as Esmeralda herself. The men admired him for his strength, for the fearless way in which he rode, his skill with weapons of offense and defense, and the complete absence of side. He was always ready to lend a helping hand with their work, or to take part in anything going on, and his appearance in the Eldorado was always heartily welcomed. He almost forgot that he was a duke, and Three Star may be said to have quite forgotten it."Oh, when you know that the sooner they go the sooner comes the heartache and heartbreak for the hundreds of women they so light-heartedly leave behind them! I looked from Charlie to Flora--"



      But presently Esmeralda remembered Three Star, and remembered it with a feeling near akin to remorse.