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      One evening Arthur Withers and Rose Lomas sat together on their favourite stile talking in low whispers. The summer dusk lagged, and the air about them was so still that between their softly spoken words they could hear the talk of innumerable insects in the grass at their feet. There had been few interruptions. So familiar had their figures become in that position, that it had grown to be almost a tradition among the people who passed that way during the evening to cross the stile without disturbing the lovers. There are ways, too, of sitting upon a stile without incommoding the casual pedestrian.

      He was amused. "Go if you want; but be quick; here they come already, a small bunch of them.""Begone!" she cried. "Go, before I do you mischief. See, I help you on with your coat. Now go, and don't let me see that ugly yellow face of yours for a fortnight."

      "Oh, Arthur," said Rose, suddenly, "I want to be like this always, don't you?""I don't want to pry into your affairs," said Lawrence. "But would you mind telling me one thing? The Countess owes you money?"

      Balmayne sat there without a word. He had no feeling, no sense of shame.

      "Medicines," said the Doctor, without enthusiasm.

      "And why?" asked Bruce.